DBi Services provides comprehensive asset maintenance of Primary State Highways within FDOT District 2 in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Duval County Project encompasses maintenance services for 471 centerline miles, 36 limited access miles (including the JTB Expressway, the Hart Expressway and others), 2500 intersections, 1400 manholes, 300 miles of sidewalk, 150 miles of drainage pipe, 60 miles of guardrail and 10,000 sign panels.

DBi Services has maintained this project since 2008 and recently accepted the first ever AM contract renewal from FDOT District 2, extending the contract through 2018.

DBi Services developed a tremendous partnership with FDOT District 2 and has assisted them with other assets within their jurisdiction. Both FDOT and DBi Services were recognized with awards from the City of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Electric Authority and numerous law enforcement agencies because of the strong partnership and cooperation extended in their times of need.

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